Tailored to Asian Markets.
Defining Asian Alternatives.


George Long founded LIM Advisors (“LIM”) in 1995


making LIM the longest continually operating alternatives manager in Asia. Today the firm manages above $1 billion in liquid and private capital strategies – all of which were created to capture opportunities unique to the Asian markets while being vigilantly positioned to manage through periods of market stress.

LIM's longevity can be heavily attributed to:

  •  An unwavering commitment to capital protection

  • A culture steeped in credit-intensive research and collaboration

  • A nimble and opportunistic approach to investing through various market cycles

  • Intimate local knowledge of country‐specific market structure, along with a depth of experience with the disparate political, economic, cultural and regulatory conditions across the region

  • A physical presence in the markets we serve
  • A multi-cultural team with years of experience