Why Asia

A Large Pool of Opportunities…
For Those That Know Where and How to Look


Markets are large and growing


Inefficiencies exist due to significant regional disparities

The region has experienced six major market crises over the last 30 years.
While idiosyncratic market moves add a layer of risk to be managed, they also offer significant opportunity.

Economic development disparities: 

E.g. Hong Kong’s GDP per capita (PPP) at 55k USD, while Vietnam’s at 5.6k USD

Legal and Political differences: 

E.g. Singapore with #1 position as least corrupt country in the world, while China #78 and India #87

Internal market complexities: 

E.g. China’s companies trading several share classes, including A-shares, B-shares, H-shares, etc. traded in Shanghai; Shenzhen; Hong Kong and on other offshore exchanges

Macroeconomic differences: 

E.g. currencies vary from freely floating (JPY, KWD), through managed floats (CNY, TWD) and pegged (HKD) to fully managed and restricted (VND)